Legend has it that Halong Bay was once under siege from foreign invaders. As a way to stop the foreign forces, a Mother Dragon and her children descended on top of the bay the particular order for the Jade The almighty. The dragons then started spitting gems and jewels that turned into the islets and islands of Halong Sea. The enemy boats split int… Read More

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Vacations are amazing experiences if you plan correctly. Traveling to your destination, however, is not always fun. There is always certain things that may go wrong with all the planning and everything. Still, visit here doesn't have to be that way. The following information will help you calm down and have fun.If you plan to go shopping for clot… Read More

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New worlds await you, whether near or far, and travel is the way to open the door to unexpected sights, sounds and experiences. Though it can be intimidating on some levels, travel need not be stressful if you take some tips beforehand from those who have tread the paths before you. A few bits of knowledge will go a long way in preparing you for an… Read More